Chapter 2: Parting Thoughts
A Brilliant Blindness (2012)

Joe's Cessna crashed in the mountains, that was the endHis mind took consolation in this accomplishment, even as his body lay lifeless in the mangled cockpit of the Cessna. His upper body had been crushed against the instrument panel; the steering assembly pushing his ribs into and through his heart and lungs. His body had multiple fractures, yet his brain was intact.

How many minutes could the brain persist after it's supply of oxygenated blood was disrupted? It was of no consequence of course, but for a fleeting moment he considered what would happen if he could replace those critical body parts with machinery. He could survive! Yet the chances seemed remote, since there appeared to be no people in the vicinity to rush him to a hospital.

Suddenly Joe's brain realized he had an Internet connection. How ironic indeed, to be crashed in this remote place with no chance of timely rescue, yet have a cellular signal suitable for data transfer. "I had a good run. RIP me!", he posted to twitter, and tried to take a photograph for Facebook. Unfortunately neither camera was functioning, and so he settled for a few lines of narrative describing the accident.

And then he wondered, was his the first brain to survive death with Internet access? Was he still alive despite his lifeless body? No, for surely countless others had experienced the same, but without the means to convey the information to survivors.

Briefly he considered writing a short essay on the matter, to inform the clueless masses. Then he realized there would certainly not be enough time to write a suitable essay.

Briefly he considered writing a simple program, even a "hello world" script. It would be the first program composed by a dead man's brain. Oh if only he could extend this limbo for a day or a week, just imagine the grand achievements he would be able to pull off.

And just then, it started. His windowing capability was frozen. Here he was without any video feed, and now he lacked the ability to use multiple views. What would go next, the brightness or contrast? Would he be trapped in a dark void, unable to tell people even if they found his broken body?

Would his Internet connection remain, even as the ability to see anything faded? Then he realized, he should focus his attention, and start sending help messages. But to what end? His body was very dead. Heart crushed, no blood pressure, lungs punctured, bones smashed. Bones... smash smashed smashed,,,

Panic ensued as he realized his basic processing abilities were deteriorating fast. He could not know that the cause was fire. Flames engulfed the craft, and the still active neurons in his brain, along with his cleverly assembled circuitry was quickly incinerated. He tried to send one last tweet to no avail. He still had a little cognitive capability, but it did not include external communication. He was dead, and decided to meditate.